The KW Advantage

Real Estate Careers at Keller Williams

So, why join Keller Williams? Thousands of agents decide to join us for a variety of reasons, but there are some reasons we hear over and over again.

We Teach You To Build Your Own Business.

Our only job is to provide you the tools, resources, strategies and empowerment to run your real estate business.

We know for a fact that consumers choose an AGENT, not a COMPANY. People do business with people they like, not with companies.

Keller Williams has grown to 160,000+ agents and many of those agents joined us from other real estate companies. If consumers cared which company their agent was with, how are all these people still doing business? Because the company brand doesn’t matter. Consumers want someone who will take care of them and make the transaction easy.

When You Join Keller Williams, the Training Never Stops.

Regardless of where you are in your real estate career, Keller Williams has training for you. Keller Williams Ignite training is widely recognized as one of the best in the business and we teach that all the time.

When You Join Keller Williams, You Can Earn 100% Commission

The Keller Williams profit sharing program is very unique and can be very lucrative. First, it’s helpful to understand the Keller Williams commission split. At Keller Williams, most agents are on a 70/30 split, BUT that 30% the company takes disappears at some point during the year depending on your production. After that point, you’re on a true 100% commission structure for the rest of that year.

To make it even more interesting, the Keller Williams profit sharing system can pay you MORE than what you pay from your 30% every year. For example, an agent in an office that has a $25,000 cap who makes $30,000 a year in profit share are actually getting paid $5000 a year to work there. It’s pretty amazing! ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED WITH YOUR REAL ESTATE CAREER? CLICK FOR SOME SPECIAL INFORMATION ON ONLINE REAL ESTATE SCHOOLS.

Join th KW Family

Join Keller Williams today! KW is the largest real estate company on the planet. We are helping build more successful Keller Williams Careers than any other company because of our award-winning training, proven business model, superior support, unmatched technology and family-like culture.